Tulips …… for your wedding

Il Tulipano è un fiore per tutte le stagioni ma è l’inizio della primavera il suo momento migliore e in cui si fa apprezzare maggiormente.

Tulip is a flower for all seasons but it is the beginning of spring its best time and in which it is most appreciated.

The tulips are colorful, simple and at the same time soberly elegant. They are characterized by countless shapes and typologies, as well as the most varied shades of colors ranging from pastel shades to brighter and brighter colors.
Just for this multiplicity of shapes and colors, it’s great to be used in any style of wedding style.

Using pastel-colored tulips, such as pink or ivory, you can make the atmosphere of your wedding particularly elegant. One idea might be to put them in simple transparent glasses, recalling that elegance is always very easy to marry.

For a more country-style wedding, you might choose brighter colors by combining them with ears of grain or more rustic fabrics that are particularly suitable for bouquets.

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